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Common Wealth Poultry is revolutionary. 

Our chicken is all natural, antibiotic-free, air chilled, halal inspected, and humanely raised. But our goal is to deliver much more than that. We aim to elevate the industry entirely. 

Common Wealth Poultry believes in diversity, equality, and opportunity.

Our goals are threefold:

  • Produce the freshest, best tasting poultry in the world: an artisan product, processed by hand
  • Empower our community by providing well-paying jobs to hard-working folks trying to make their lives better
  • Make it effortless and zero-risk for people obtain incredible quality food

What is at the heart of Common Wealth Poultry? 

To positively affect as many lives as possible

We want to make people’s lives better, period. From the farmers raising our flocks, the chickens themselves, to the truck drivers delivering them, every single employee here at Common Wealth Poultry, to you - we want to tremendously impact lives in a huge way. It’s why we do business in the pure, honest, and fresh way.

Our meat is pure, honest and fresh 

When you shop with us, your dollar is supporting a small family owned business in Maine. Your dollar supports the hard working artisan butchers we employ and their families, and every farmer who wakes up with the sun to genuinely care for the flocks. Your purchase here contributes to a greater purpose. When you shop with us, you too positively impact the lives of many people. Together, we can contribute to the commonwealth of all kinds.  

A Special Thank You To Our Hardworking Employees

Without your dedication, resilience, and loving hands, Common Wealth Poultry could not serve the people, businesses and institutions artisan products. Thank you for showing up each and every day. We are grateful for you!