Freshest Chicken in the Northeast

Processed in Maine

Regionally Responsible

Fresh Product Delivered To Your Door

Freshest Poultry In The Northeast

From our family to yours

  • Processed in Maine

    We process our birds right here in Gardiner, Maine. Our small family business supports local jobs and provides folks like you with the freshest meat poossible. 

  • Air Chilled

    Our superior butchering process includes air chilling, a cutting edge method to cool the meat to safe temperatures, preserve freshness. Other companies cool their chicken in chemical-laden water baths, meaning your chicken absorbs both! At Common Wealthy Poultry we believe your family deserves better than that. 

  • Humanely Raised

    Our chickens are raised with love. We believe in providing a good life, healthy and happy environment from day one. 

  • All Natural

    Clean eating has never tasted so good. Our chicken is free range, and raised without antibiotics, so you can feed your friends and family the absolute best. 

Fresh Poultry Delivered

America's favorite Air Chilled chicken delivered right to your door. 

Cut to order

We custom cut each order based on your specifications — if you don't see a cut you like or want something special, just drop us a line — we have a team of expert butchers that can get the job done.


Delicious, plentiful, local, and consistent.

You just can’t get any better poultry anywhere else. When people are new to our shop I tell them to try the chicken. And they always come back for more, saying it’s the best they’ve ever had.