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For customers in most of the northeast, we offer free second-day shipping on orders over $99. For other states, you'll see the carrier rate for a two-day service.

We ship Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Orders received after ~noon ET Wednesday through the weekend ship the following Monday.


All products ship fresh, unless otherwise noted! Yes, we are pretty much the only people willing to ship fresh poultry, and we've done our homework! We package our products with frozen gel packs in an (environmentally friendly) insulated box, right out of the chiller. It's basically like a cooler of chicken that arrives at your door. We’ve done numerous trials across the country with temperature probes to ensure that your chicken arrives at refrigerator temperature. We also ship using only two-day options for this reason (FedEx or UPS).


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    We ship orders on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, aligning with our butchering schedule, to give you chicken at its peak. Our chicken is, unquestionably, the freshest chicken available anywhere. Really. Unless you're killing it in your own backyard, the chicken you're buying from any butcher shop or grocery store has been in transit/sitting on the shelf for 5-6 days in the best case, and very often more than a week or 10 days. Our offering is different.

    Look elsewhere on the internet and you'll find abundant frozen chicken for sale. That's not what we're going for at Common Wealth Poultry. Ever wonder to yourself why "tastes like chicken" caught on as a phrase? It's because chicken used to be fresh (and Air Chilled) — fresher than what you can find anywhere else. Our chicken brings that "tastes like chicken" flavor back. 

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    Selling fresh chicken over the internet is a little crazy — the kind of crazy challenge we're excited to take on. We're convinced that we can deliver a higher quality, fresher product than you can buy anywhere else. While we're happy to offer second day and next day shipping across the country for any order size, we're excited to be able to offer discounted shipping rates on larger orders!

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