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Do you ship fresh or frozen?

Our products ship fresh, unless otherwise noted. We package everything with frozen gel packs in an (environmentally friendly) insulated box, right out of the chiller. We’ve done numerous trials across the country with temperature probes to ensure that your meat arrives at refrigerator temperature, under 40 F. We also ship only second day via UPS for this reason. This means the temperature of the meat (but not necessarily the ambient temperature inside of the box once it's opened) will be 40F or lower when it arrives.


When do you ship?

All orders ship one or two day shipping. Our shipping days are currently Monday and Wednesday. If you order Sunday, for example, your order will ship Monday and arrive on Tuesday or Wednesday (but possibly sooner if you are closer to/within Maine). We don't ship on national holidays or other days shipping carriers don't pick up. (eg Memorial Day).


How do subscriptions work?

Once you sign up, you will receive an email with a link to the customer portal. There, you can add or remove items, skip deliveries, push them back, or cancel.  You can choose a frequency of every 1, 2, 4, 6, or 8 weeks (but please reach out if you have something else in mind!). Since we offer a discount under the assumption you’ll purchase more than one box, we do ask that folks commit to at least two shipments, but we are reasonable people and understand that things happen. If you have any questions or issues about recurring orders, please get in touch!


Are you organic?

Our animals are fed a diet that is 100% vegetarian and are not given growth promoting antibiotics. They are raised and processed in a humane manner, and are never adulterated in any way. That said, they are not certified organic. You can learn more about our values here. We believe that building a business by the people, for the people, that can scale and provide meaningful employment to more than just a few local farmers is where the action is at in 2020. That's what we'll be focusing our efforts in the coming months and years, instead of certifications like organic, which merely dictate a 'worst case' scenario, are prohibitively expensive for farmers and processors below a certain size, and don't speak at all to the important social issues our society is grappling with. It's a question of priorities for us.


Where are your birds raised?

All ducks are raised right here in Maine by a local farmer we’ve been working with for 10 years. Our chickens are primarily raised on small family farms in Pennsylvania, and to a lesser extent in New Hampshire! The decision to raise birds in PA was the result of an extensive sustainability analysis conducted in collaboration with the University of Maine, considering the carbon footprint of growing here vs in a warmer climate, and the emissions associated with multiple shipments of feed versus transporting birds once, among other factors. Given that quality is a primary motivating factor for us, we think this arrangement is the right balance between what makes sense environmentally, and what produces the best quality bird. 


How are they raised?

The animals are reared in temperature controlled houses that allow them to have comfortable living conditions and do not restrict their movement. They are not confined, or over-stocked like factory farmed chickens are. We hand select the best growers to grow for us, and ensure that humane treatment and practices are always being followed. Improperly raised birds don't taste anywhere near as good as well-raised birds.

Do you process chickens for others?

Yes! We are geared towards commercial processing, and have a minimum of 500 chickens at this time. We are booked for Summer 2021, but if you meet this minimum and would like more information, please reach out via the chat bubble. 


Other questions?

If you don't see the answer you're looking for here, get in touch! The best way to do so is through the chat bubble at the bottom right of the screen.