Beginning January 1st 2018: Minimum Batch Size will be 200 Chickens and 50 Turkeys.

We are not currently taking new clientele for the processing of waterfowl.

Please read changes that will effect 2018 Appointments

1. Read through the Common Wealth Poultry consent form and Custom Slaughter sheet. This will help answer most questions.
2. Call the office to make an appointment. We recommend doing this as soon as you get your day old birds to ensure you get your ideal slaughter date, as space can fill up quickly.

We would love the opportunity to process your poultry. Here is what you need to know:

You will arrive on time, at the back left hand corner of the building.
You will pick up your birds at an agreed upon time, end of day, same day or next day, based on batch size and cutting instructions.
Your birds will be USDA inspected, air-chilled and vacuum packed.

USDA inspection means that every single bird you bring us will be inspected for disease, bruising and other pathology. Please note that if any of your birds are diseased, they will be condemned and you will not receive that bird back. We do not offer refunds for condemned birds because we have processed it to the point of inspection and then have to pay to remove it from the premises.

Any birds found to have bruising or fecal matter on the skin will be trimmed to remove these aberrations. You will still be charged for those birds, as we have no control over the USDA inspectors’ instruction during processing.

Depending on how you raise, catch, and transport your poultry, wing bruising is a common occurrence. Birds that are more flighty tend to have more wing bruising, such as freedom rangers. Birds that arrive in crates that leave a lot of open space, both vertically and horizontally, tend to have a lot of wing bruising. Birds found to have wing bruising will have their wings cut off, per USDA regulations.

Labeling is done in a variety of ways:
We will apply generic labels to your birds unless other arrangements are made. If birds are processed for resale, each bird must be labeled. If they are for your own consumption, we can label the container the birds are leaving our facility in (large labeled bag with vacuum packed unlabeled birds within the bag).
Whatever you choose, please be educated on proper retail labeling requirements before you inform us on how you’d like you poultry labeled.

This requires a consultation, design fee, submission fee, and printing costs. All labels need to be approved by USDA, not locally but in Washington DC. This submission process can be lengthy, so plan ahead. Minimum one month of notice is required, but submission and approval can sometimes take much longer.

Please take a minute to review our FAQ’s if you have any questions.