Can I use my own labels?
Sure! Labels must be submitted and approved by the USDA. We have the ability to deal with the USDA on your behalf. We offer an all-inclusive design, submission, and printing service to allow you to have customized labels for your poultry. Please note this is not a free service.

Do you have crates I can borrow to bring my birds in?
Sorry but we don’t own crates. We don’t supply crates for you. You need to bring your birds crated, not loose. Please don’t use cardboard boxes.

Do I need an appointment or can I just bring my birds?
You need an appointment! Please do not show up with a load of birds, we will not process them! It is best if you schedule your appointment as far as advance as possible. Please don’t expect that we can process your birds on short notice, as we are extremely busy.

Can I pick my birds up next week?
Birds must be picked up the day after drop off, unless other arrangements are made. Please be aware that we will charge a fee for everyday your birds have to be held on our premises if you do not follow the agreed arrangement.

Do you supply ice for my birds to be kept cold when I pick them up?
Sorry, we do not supply ice for transportation of your processed birds.

How will my birds be packaged?
Your birds will be individually vacuum packed and labeled according to your needs.

How do I become a producer of poultry for Common Wealth Poultry Co.?
In order to become a producer, there are different requirements you need to meet. Please contact the office 207-582-4900 to find out more.